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Stu Rothenberg First Look: Can Democrats Win the Senate in 2016?

Roll Call 2016 Race Ratings

NatJ Democrats' 2016 Senate Hopes Turn on Three Candidates

Hill 10 possible Senate retirements

NatJ 7 Senate Races To Watch In 2016



January 31, 2015


WSJ Mitt Romney Won’t Run for President in 2016
WaPo Mitt Romney decides against running for president again in 2016
NYT Support Waning, Romney Decides Against 2016 Bid
WSJ Romney’s Decision Not to Run in 2016 Upends the GOP World
Dan Balz Mitt Romney bows out of GOP presidential race over potential for political injury
Politico How Mitt Romney got to ‘no’
WSJ Did Mitt Romney Just Take a Jab at Jeb Bush?

Politico Jeb's big test: Can Bush capitalize on Romney's exit?
Boston Globe Jeb Bush shaped by troubled Phillips Academy years
Boston Former Classmates: Jeb Bush Smoked Hash, Bullied Students at Phillips Andover
Time Jeb Bush Opens Up on Pot Use in His Youth

WSJ Donors Turn to Bush, Christie as Romney Exits
WaPo Why are Mitt Romney donors turning to Jeb Bush?

APP What Mitt Romney's exit means for Chris Christie
WSJ Langone Tries to Sell Donors, Romney on a Christie Run

WSJ Scott Walker Travels to Washington to Denounce It
WaPo Scott Walker is in Washington but not of Washington, says Scott Walker
Boston Herald Scott Walker ramping up a national political operation
Daily Caller Can Scott Walker Be 2016’s Un-Romney?
Madison Gov. Scott Walker previews likely White House theme
Atlantic Scott Walker Isn't Sorry

DC Rick Perry Praises ‘Experienced’ Governors, Dismisses Senators With 2016 On Horizon

NYT The Surprising Power of Blue-State Republicans


WSJ GOP Lawmakers Weigh Contentious Tactic to Dismantle Health Law


WTimes House Democrats itching for fight with GOP, battle for majority takeover in 2016


NYT Most Republicans Say They Back Climate Action, Poll Finds


NatJ Ted Strickland Still Undecided on Senate Run


WSJ N.Y. Agency, Joint Commission on Public Ethics, Faces Questions


WSJ A Convention That Chris Christie Won’t Attend


WaPo A GOP governor means new challenges for longtime Md. Senate President Mike Miller



January 30, 2015


WaPo New signals of Rubio weighing a 2016 bid as senator makes California fundraising stop
Daily Caller Marco Rubio Misses Keystone Pipeline Vote To Fundraise

Fox Jeb Bush recruits ex-Romney Iowa adviser
Hill Jeb steals a top Romney advisor
ABC As Romney Weighs '16 Bid, His Past Donors Commit to Jeb Bush

Hill Buzz builds around Walker
WSJ GOP’s Walker, Gearing Up for 2016, Emphasizes His Faith in Iowa
WExam Time for Scott Walker to get serious about foreign policy
Rush Limbaugh The Power and Reach of the EIB Network Shines Spotlight on Scott Walker

Fox Bush, Walker to speak at RNC spring retreat

CNN Romney to tell supporters his 2016 plans Friday
WExam Romney to signal 2016 plans in conference call
WExam Romney upends 2016 GOP field

AP Texas GOP chief leaves role, joins Rand Paul political team
WSJ Rand Paul Wins Support in Cruz, Perry Backyard

WT Chris Christie bets legalized sports gambling will boost Atlantic City, 2016 hopes

Fox SC Sen Lindsey Graham explores 2016 GOP presidential run
NatJ How the Senate Is Taking Lindsey Graham's Presidential Ambitions
WaPo Lindsey Graham of South Carolina joins other Republicans in pursuit of presidency
Roll Call Tim Scott Lauds Possible Lindsey Graham 2016 Campaign

Hill Koch cash triggers Dem angst about 2016

WExam American Crossroads takes aim at Hillary Clinton, stays out of GOP primary

Politico Hillary Clinton may delay campaign
Rush Limbaugh Media Savages Mitt as Hillary Hides Out
Hill Clinton looks to build support on left while keeping Wall St. friends

WaPo O’Malley headed back to New Hampshire, South Carolina in coming months

NatJ Democrats Facing 2016 Debate Dilemma

Fox Fox News Poll: Romney remains top of GOP field, Clinton leads Democrats

Charlie Cook Which political pattern will prevail in the 2016 presidential race?
Michael Barone My mistakes about 2016 presidential race


WSJ Senate Passes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill
NYT Senate Passes Keystone XL Oil Pipeline Bill
WaPo Senate passes Keystone XL pipeline bill despite Obama promise to veto
Fox Senate approves Keystone pipeline bill, in face of White House veto threat
NatJ Winners and Losers in the Senate’s Keystone Pipeline Showdown
NatJ Here are the 9 Senate Democrats Who Voted for Keystone

Hill McConnell scores early victories

Fox Witnesses rip Holder, Obama on Day 2 of Lynch's Senate confirmation hearing

Hill GOP moves to oust budget ref

Roll Call Senators Confirm Re-Election Bids for 2016


WSJ Republicans to Block Legislative Fix to Health-Care Law
WTimes Republicans to open February with vote to repeal Obamacare

NatJ House Democrats' 2016 Hope: GOP Is 'Maxed Out'


WSJ Obama Budget Proposes 7% More in Spending Above Sequestration Caps
WaPo Obama budget proposal raises discretionary spending above caps
LA Times Obama budget to propose surpassing spending limits by $74 billion


WSJ Brownback’s Tax Lesson


WSJ As Silver Dug In, Young Guns Revolted
NYT Field Thins Quickly in Contest for New Assembly Speaker

NY Post NY Senate leader is US Attorney’s new target



January 29, 2015


WaPo Mitt Romney, signaling a hunger to step back into ring, attacks Hillary Clinton
NYT Romney, in Speech at Mississippi State, Examines What Went Wrong in 2012

WTimes Secret tapes undermine Hillary Clinton on Libyan war
NYT Hillary Clinton vs. Elizabeth Warren Could Delight Republicans

NYT In Bid to Host Democratic National Convention in 2016, de Blasio Makes a Fiscal Case


NYT Criticism of Holder Dominates Hearing on Loretta Lynch, Attorney General’s Possible Successor

NYT As New Leadership Takes Over in Washington, Fiscal Battles Resurface


NYT G.O.P.’s Invitation to Netanyahu Is Aiding Obama’s Cause on Iran

WaPo House Democrats retake the House? It’s a long shot, but they’re getting ready to try.


NYT Justices Stay Executions of 3 in Oklahoma, Pending Decision on Lethal Drug Protocol


WaPo Obama to propose 2016 budget that ends mandatory spending cuts


NYT 6 Days That Felled Sheldon Silver, the Speaker Who Ruled Albany for Decades
NYT Sheldon Silver Taking Leave of Absence From Law Firm


WaPo Will Mike Pence tip the GOP scales on Medicaid expansion?



January 28, 2015


WSJ Wisconsin Gov. Walker Takes Step Toward 2016 Bid
Fox Walker forms political committee, says he's 'very interested' in 2016 bid
WT Scott Walker sets up ‘Our American Revival’ committee ahead of 2016
WExam Scott Walker leans in to 2016 with '527' fundraising committee

WP Romney, ahead of 2016 run, now calls Utah home, talks openly about Mormon influence
Boston Globe Romney built expensive homes after 2012 loss
NYT Again for Murdoch, Romney Can Do No Right

Hill Jeb Bush's secret weapon

Politico Koch donors give Marco Rubio early nod

WSJ Conservative Donors Set High Bar for 2016 Race

Kathleen Parker The sacrifice of Sarah Palin
Howard Kurtz Panning Palin: Why conservative media are dismissing her 2016 prospects

NatJ Obama Is Setting Up Hillary Clinton to Fail
Dick Morris Hillary’s Iran problem


WSJ Attorney General Nominee Lynch’s Confirmation Hearing Set to Begin
NYT Lynch to Cast Herself as Departure From Holder in Bid to Be Attorney General
WTimes Loretta Lynch’s similarities to Eric Holder a red flag for Republicans
WExam Sharyl Attkisson leads Loretta Lynch witness list as Senate GOP plans tough hearing
Hill GOP seizes chance to put Holder on trial
Hill 5 things to watch at AG nominee’s hearing

NatJ Senate To Vote On Campaign Finance, Alaska Wilderness Amendments Wednesday


Hill Republican leaders look for escape plan on immigration
WSJ Boehner Plans Legal Action on Obama Immigration Moves
Hill House plots new lawsuit against Obama's immigration orders
WT John Boehner suggests only courts can stop Obama amnesty, considers House lawsuit
Hill GOP shifts plans on border bill
Politico Homeland Security funding on the brink

WSJ Fannie, Freddie Regulator Defends Actions
Mary Kissel Hensarling’s Housing History Lesson

Jen Rubin Benghazi is small potatoes


WSJ Obama Drops Plan to Raise Taxes on ‘529’ College Savings Accounts
NYT Obama Relents on Proposal to End ‘529’ College Savings Plans
WSJ Obama’s 529 Surrender


Politico The importance of being Ernst


NYT Sheldon Silver to Be Replaced as Speaker of New York State Assembly
NY Post Sheldon Silver to resign as Assembly speaker
Albany TU Silver out as speaker by Monday
Buffalo News Silver is being ousted as speaker as Assembly Democrats move on
NYDN Speaker Sheldon Silver will be gone Monday, as Assembly Dems want to keep de Blasio and Cuomo out of successor talk


WSJ Judge Declines to Dismiss Charges Against Rick Perry
Austin AS Rick Perry loses second request to dismiss case against him
NYT Texas: Case Against Perry Stands
WaPo Judge refuses to toss Perry case on constitutional grounds
Hill Potential 2016 rivals back Perry after case moves forward


WSJ Indiana Governor to Expand Medicaid Coverage
NYT Indiana Will Allow Entry to Medicaid for a Price
WExam Pence caves, expands Obamacare


NatJ Matt Bevin to Make Shock Run for Kentucky Governor


Hill Tea Party lawmakers may take on McCain



January 27, 2015


NJ Chris Christie's potential 2016 Republican rivals
WExam Chris Christie: From big dog to underdog
WSJ Chris Christie in Wake of PAC Formation: ‘We Will See’ on 2016

WaPo Romney wars — between Trump and Rove
WaPo Trump vs. Rove: Battle of the titans?

WExam On campaign trail, Scott Walker downplays union battles
Rush Limbaugh Scott Walker Wows 'Em in Iowa

WT Ted Cruz: ‘The reason Republicans lost can be summed up in two words: 47 percent’
WTimes GOP hopefuls reject Romney ‘47 percent’ remarks, appeal to all economic classes

WaPo Rick Perry wins the all-important Iowa Twitter primary

Howard Kurtz Panning Palin: Why conservative media are dismissing her 2016 prospects

NatJ How Big Is the GOP Presidential Field? Bob Ehrlich Is Preparing to Run

Charlie Cook The GOP Bracket Challenge

HChron Poll ranks Republican presidential candidates, so far
Fox GOP’s Top 10: Introducing the Fox News First 2016 Power Index
MinnPost A very, very long list of possible Republican presidential candidates
WaPo Can Republicans create their own credible economic populism in time for 2016?
WaPo GOP donors appear in no hurry to commit to 2016 candidate

NYT Koch Brothers’ Budget of $889 Million for 2016 Is on Par With Both Parties’ Spending
WaPo Koch-backed network aims to spend nearly $1 billion on 2016 elections


NatJ Keystone Vote Fails in Senate
Politico Keystone votes fail in Senate
Hill Bid to end Keystone debate fails
NYT Senate Democrats Delay G.O.P. Attempt to Force Keystone Vote

WExam Senate GOP clear path for possible Obama Supreme Court pick

AL Sen. Jeff Sessions blasts Republican House immigration plan for not having enough teeth
Michael Gerson Republicans in the immigration minefield

WaPo After forging her path from N.C. to Brooklyn, Lynch is poised to become AG
Politico Judiciary to Loretta Lynch: Expect a grilling

Stu Rothenberg First Look: Can Democrats Win the Senate in 2016?


Fox House GOP leaders cancel vote on border security bill amid blizzard of complaints
NatJ GOP Leaders Pull Border Bill, Blame Blizzard
WTimes Trouble in GOP ranks kills votes on border and abortion bills

WSJ Nine of House’s Most-Conservative Lawmakers Start ‘Freedom Caucus’

Hill The emerging Republican-Israeli symbiosis
Marc Thiessen Why Netanyahu is right to go around Obama to Congress

Hill Pelosi: With Hillary Clinton, Democrats can win the House


NYT Supreme Court Rules Against Retirees in Union Health Benefits Case


WTimes Bowe Bergdahl to be charged with desertion, retired officer tells Fox


Reuters Iowa governor to spend night in hospital after falling ill


FayObserver People's Biz: N.C. gubernatorial race rated 'toss up/tilt Republican'


Leesburg Whitbeck Tapped To Lead State Republican Party


NYT Assembly Democrats Call on Sheldon Silver to Step Down as Speaker
NY Post Silver being pushed out as Assembly Speaker

Roll Call Democrats Lose Candidate and Hope in New York Special Election


Allysia Finley Why Steyer Passed on Senate Race


Fox Fark.com founder Drew Curtis announces bid for Kentucky governor



January 26, 2015


WSJ Christie Joins Crowded GOP Fight for Donors
NYT In Move Toward Campaign, Christie Creates PAC and Hires Staff
Hill Chris Christie launches PAC ahead of 2016
NYT Christie on Air: Undiluted and Pretty Great, if He Says So Himself
NatJ Chris Christie Defends His Record, Defensively
NatJ Chris Christie to Tap Ex-Romney Aide to Lead Iowa Effort

WSJ Scott Walker Makes His Case to Iowa Conservatives
NatJ Scott Walker Scores Standing Ovation In Iowa

Hill Foreign policy divides 2016 hopefuls at Koch forum
Politico Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz face off at Koch forum
Fox Rand Paul clashes with Rubio, Cruz on defense, foreign policy at Koch forum
USA Today Cruz, Paul, Rubio spar on Cuba policy at desert forum

NYT Romney’s Consideration of Candidacy Is Closely Tied to His Faith, Allies Say

NatJ For Jeb Bush, All’s (Perhaps Too) Quiet on Capitol Hill
Daily Caller Florida Scheme That Ensnared Jeb Bush Also Made Federal Agency Look Bad

WaPo Daddy issues: Are Ron Paul’s hard-core stands a problem for son’s presidential bid

WSJ Huckabee Nods to Presidential Run

WTimes Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker stocks rise after Iowa appearance
WExam Carly Fiorina: Unlike Hillary Clinton, I've actually accomplished something

WSJ Outsider Ben Carson Rises in 2016 GOP Field
NatJ After Disappointing an Establishment Audience, Ben Carson Turns It On for Iowa Conservatives

Fox Kasich hints at 2016 campaign
WExam Kasich hints at 2016 campaign

WaPo No, Sarah Palin isn’t “seriously interested” in running for president

WaPo Handicapping the Hispanic vote for 2016 GOPers

WSJ Two Camps Emerge Among 2016 Republican Hopefuls
WaPo GOP’s field of presidential hopefuls grows ever more crowded
Fox GOP battle lines drawn for budding 2016 presidential race, after Iowa summit

Politico Inside Hillary Clinton’s 2016 plan

Doug Schoen An Opening for Elizabeth Warren If She Wants It


WSJ Republicans Weigh Expanding ‘Nuclear Option’ for Supreme Court Nominees


NatJ Border Bill Brings More Headaches for Embattled GOP


WSJ Split Grows on Obama’s Immigrant Tack

WSJ Obama Administration Moves to Block Drilling in Parts of Alaska
NYT Obama Will Move to Protect Vast Arctic Habitat in Alaska
Fox Obama seeks wilderness designation for Alaska refuge, sets up battle with GOP
WaPo Obama to propose new wilderness protections in Arctic refuge — Alaska GOP declares war

WExam How the GOP wins in the northeast


NY Post Sheldon Silver to give up Assembly Speaker power
WSJ Sheldon Silver to Cede Some Power to Group of Assembly Members
NYT Sheldon Silver to Temporarily Relinquish Speaker Duties
Capital NY Silver to empower five senior members
WSJ Silver to Face Allies, Foes in Return to Assembly
NYT Developer Who Keeps Low Profile Is Embroiled in Silver Scandal

Fred Dicker Cuomo ‘on edge’ as federal corruption probe continues
Politico Andrew Cuomo’s Dominoes


NYT As Oil Prices Fall, Alaska’s New Governor Faces a Novel Goal, Frugality



January 25, 2015


Hill Scott Walker shows fire in Iowa
AP Walker Tells Iowa Crowd of 'Go Big and Go Bold' Attitude

NYT Prepping for 2016, a Gathering of Republicans in Iowa Leans Hard to the Right

WaPo GOP presidential candidates face delicate balancing act

WaPo Palin says she’s ‘seriously interested’ in 2016 campaign

WaPo At controversial prayer rally, Jindal calls for spiritual revival


NYT Republican Governors Buck Party Line on Raising Taxes


January 24, 2015


Miami Herald Sen. Marco Rubio to aides: ‘prepare for a presidential campaign’
Fox Rubio signs on top fundraiser, lines up donors in move toward 2016 bid
WT Marco Rubio aide: He told us to ‘proceed as if he is running for president’
WExam Poll: Rubio surges to second, just 3 points behind Romney
Breitbart Krauthammer: Rubio Is Most Likely To Win GOP Nomination
Daily Beast Rubio 2016 is Real, and It’s Spectacular
Guardian UK Marco Rubio moves closer to 2016 bid as conservatives huddle in Iowa

WSJ Jeb Bush Attacks Obama Policies, Says GOP Needs ‘Hopeful’ Message in 2016
WSJ Jeb Bush Gives Potential Big Donors a Price List
WExam Bush asking supporters to raise $500,000 for PAC
NYT Jeb Bush Sounds Sympathetic Note for Immigrants
WaPo Jeb Bush previews 2016 run, promising ‘adult conversations’ on big issues
Detroit News Jeb Bush says he could run for president
Detroit FP Jeb Bush lays out policy ideas for 2016 to auto dealers

Politico Jeb Bush: Mitt Romney and I avoided ‘awkward side’ in meeting

National Review Romney’s Inner Circle to Powwow in Boston on Friday
WaPo This chart should make Mitt Romney think twice about 2016

Fox And They’re Off: Republicans descend on Iowa summit, with 2016 in the air
WSJ Iowa GOP Gathering Puts Immigration in 2016 Spotlight

Des Moines Register GOP strategist with Iowa ties joins Team Scott Walker
DC In Iowa, Scott Walker To Argue He Is A Conservative Who Can Win Tough Fights
WTimes Scott Walker’s real-life diploma
WExam Scott Walker prepares for food stamp drug testing fight

NatJ Chris Christie to Tap Ex-Romney Aide to Lead Iowa Effort

WSJ Outsider Ben Carson Rises in 2016 GOP Field

McClatchy A Texas-sized GOP race for president

Byron York 12 keys to the GOP presidential race right now

Cleveland John Kasich as V.P? Jeb vs. Mitt?

NYT Clinton Opponents Hone New Barbs and Attacks As 2016 Campaign Nears
WExam Major media mostly ignoring four potential Democratic Hillary 2016 rivals
Hill Obama, Clinton tensions build over email lists ahead of 2016

LA Times 2016 Democratic convention to be held right after GOP gathering
Fox Democratic National Committee announces convention date for 2016


Politico GOP may abolish Supreme Court filibusters

WT Holder on the hot seat: Senators demand answers on U.S. fugitives in Cuba

WExam Joni Ernst gets a GOP promotion


Hill Boehner rips right for raising money by 'just beating the dickens out of me'


NYT Justices to Hear Case on Execution Drugs
WaPo Supreme Court will review lethal injection drug protocol used in executions


Roll Call First Race Ratings for Gubernatorial Contests Revealed


Roll Call Several Ohio Democrats Considering Senate Primary


Roll Call Renee Ellmers May Face Primary Challenge


PJ Was Strange Cantor Event Prelude to ‘Cantor for Virginia Governor 2017'?


WaPo The most talented governor you’ve never heard of


WSJ Silver’s Arrest Creates Headaches for Cuomo
NYT Sheldon Silver’s Arrest Leaves Cuomo in a Tough Spot
NYT Long Led by Silver, Assembly Democrats Face Uncertainty on a Successor
Fred Dicker Sheldon Silver a ‘grubber’ who played games with his money
NYT Mayor de Blasio Maintains His Support for Speaker Silver
NY Observer Law Firm at Center of Silver Scandal Donated Huge Sums to Dems
WSJ Sheldon Silver: Quietly Powerful, Now Embattled
WSJ Legal Murkiness Hovers Over Sheldon Silver Case
WSJ Sheldon Silver Charges Highlight Allure of Asbestos Cases
FNP Doctor linked to Silver's arrest removed from head of cancer research center position


Politico Internal poll puts Harris well-ahead for Calif. Senate
WaPo This is why Antonio Villaraigosa might want to think twice before running for Senate


NYT Pennsylvania’s Governor Breaks Through a G.O.P. Tide



January 23, 2015


WSJ Jeb Bush’s Blitz to Lock In Donors Aims to Squeeze Potential Rivals

Boston Globe Themes hint at reengineered Mitt Romney

NYT Bush and Romney in ‘Gentlemanly’ Meeting
Boston Globe Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush hold ‘social meeting’
Fox Mitt and Jeb to hold Salt Lake summit today
WSJ Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney to Meet in Salt Lake City
WaPo Jeb Bush flies to Utah to talk with Mitt Romney about their potential 2016 plans
NH1 NH1 Pulse Poll: Romney leads 2016 field, Bush second, Walker tied with Christie for third

WSJ Scott Walker to Make First Visit to New Hampshire

Hill The battle for Iowa begins
NYT Conservative Gathering in Iowa Offers Platform to Several Possible 2016 Contenders
WExam At Iowa conservative confab, Christie earns points just for showing up

WSJ Paul, Cruz and Rubio to Speak at Koch Donor Network Gathering

WExam Looking for 2016 tea leaves at Marco Rubio's Miami retreat

WSJ Jindal Supporters File Paperwork for Super PAC, ‘Believe Again’

WSJ Rand Paul Fails Spelling Test in Common Core Attack

WSJ With No Organization, Biden Would Enter 2016 Race at Disadvantage


NYT Senate Rejects Human Role in Climate Change

Fox McConnell keeps Senate late; final Keystone vote slated for next week
Hill Senate sets final vote on Keystone for next week

WExam Immigration critic Jeff Sessions to head Senate immigration panel
DC Sen. Sessions Reforms Senate Immigration Committee

Roll Call NRSC Announces 3 Vice Chairmen


WSJ House Passes Bill Prohibiting Federal Funds Being Used for Abortions
WaPo House Republicans pass watered-down antiabortion bill
NYT Objections by Women Open Rift in G.O.P.
NatJ How the House GOP's Abortion Bill Fell Apart

NYT Boehner Invites Another Response to State of Union, From Israel’s Premier


Peggy Noonan A Republic of Disrespect

Charlie Cook The GOP After Obama

NYT White House Proposals On 529 College Plans Would Reduce Benefits
WSJ Push to Tax ‘529’ Plans Stokes Debate

WSJ GOP Governors Trumpet Successes, but Face New Budget Challenges


NYT Inquiry Sought After Former Commissioner Accuses Gov. Rick Scott of Meddling


WExam Cincinnati councilman to challenge Rob Portman in 2016


Fox After accident, Reid says Senate re-election bid is on track


NYT Sheldon Silver, New York Assembly Leader, Is Arrested on Graft Charges
NY Post Sheldon Silver arrested for taking $4M in bribes, kickbacks
NY Post Close friend, top lobbyist helped feds take down Sheldon Silver
WSJ N.Y. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Accused of Abusing Power
WSJ Support Wavers for New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver
NYT After Speaker Silver’s Arrest, Predicting ‘Chaos’ in Albany Power Balance
WSJ Speaker’s Status Sparks Concern Over Legislation
NYT A Self-Proclaimed Champion of Disclosure Now Faces Corruption Charges
NYT An Albany Powerhouse on the Edge of a Volcano
NYT Complaint Details How Silver Earned Millions From Obscure Legal Work
NYT Speaker Sheldon Silver Should Resign From New York Assembly
Buffalo For now, no change in Assembly leadership amid unease about speaker’s future
NYDN Embattled Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver may be losing support as he also could face tax problems

NYDN U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara's 'stay tuned' warning after accused Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's arrest sends chill through state Capitol

NatJ Can This Republican Conquer New York for the GOP?

Albany TU GOP hands out Senate committee assignments


WSJ Tom Steyer Declines to Run for California Senate Seat
NYT Race for Boxer’s Senate Seat Loses a High-Profile Hopeful


Roll Call Democrats Fear Primary Mess in Illinois Senate Race


WSJ Court Halts Possible Criminal Charges Against Pennsylvania Attorney General
NYT Pennsylvania Court Blocks Charges Against Attorney General
AP Pennsylvania court halts any action against attorney general


NYT U.S. Judge Says ‘Dreamers’ Can Keep Driver’s Licenses



January 22, 2015


NYT Romney and Jeb Bush to Meet in Utah

WSJ Jeb Bush: A Penchant for Picking Women for Top Posts

WSJ Marco Rubio Emphasizes Middle-Class Roots, Dreams

Fox 2016 plans? Ex-Christie staffer leaving NH GOP

WExam Bobby's Believers: Conservatives launch draft-Jindal PAC

WSJ Biden Might Challenge Clinton

WaPo Being a Bush, Clinton or Romney doesn’t hurt. In fact, it helps.


WSJ Keystone Debate: Senate Votes on Dueling Climate Change Amendments

NYT Republicans Push Plan in Net Neutrality Debate

NatJ Grassley: Lynch Hearing Will Be GOP Forum to Hit Obama on Immigration
Hill Conservative Republican lawmakers lambaste McConnell on immigration


WaPo Republicans seek to one-up Obama on foreign affairs
NYT Boehner Invites Another Response to State of Union, From Israel’s Premier

WSJ House Republicans Pull Abortion-Ban Bill
WaPo Abortion bill dropped amid concerns of female GOP lawmakers
Politico GOP stumbles over abortion bill
Dana Milbank Republicans pulled a classic bait-and-switch with abortion bill


Karl Rove What Was Obama Thinking?

Fox Friendly fire: Dems challenge Obama agenda
Fox Woman showcased by Obama in State of the Union is a former Dem campaign staffer

Ann Coulter MSNBC's Maddow Now Rewriting Instant Replays

NYT Talk of Wealth Gap Prods the G.O.P. to Refocus

George Will The harm incurred by a mushrooming welfare state


WSJ Supreme Court Weighs Fair-Housing Lawsuits
Elizabeth Warren Supreme Court housing decision could put our financial well-being at risk

WaPo Citizens United protesters disrupt Supreme Court session


WSJ Iowa GOP Chairman: If Jeb Bush Runs, He Won’t Skip the State


WSJ New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Faces Arrest
NYT Sheldon Silver, New York Assembly Speaker, Faces Arrest on Corruption Charges


NatJ In California, Latino Leaders See Room to Elect One of Their Own


WSJ Texas Lt. Gov. Moves Quickly to Advance Conservative Agenda


WSJ Duckworth Weighs Senate Bid


WSJ Pennsylvania Attorney General Kane Faces Possible Perjury Charges
NYT Grand Jury Recommends Pennsylvania Attorney General Be Charged With Perjury



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WaPo The remarkable California turnout curve
WaPo RNC names Katie Walsh new chief of staff

Fox Republican National Committee re-elects Chairman Priebus

Hill Priebus gets third term as RNC chairman
WSJ Republicans Release Slimmer Presidential Debate Schedule

WTimes RNC rolls out 2016 presidential debate schedule

NatJ GOP Announces 9 Presidential Debates

WExam GOP ignores most-watched Spanish-language TV network for 2016 primary debates

WaPo RNC set to issue rules to cut, regulate presidential debates

WSJ Republicans Set 2016 Convention for July 18-21

Fox GOP announces 2016 convention dates

NatJ GOP Will Hold Convention Early in 2016

Politico Calendar pols: A guide to 2015’s key dates

WExam Going to the 2016 Republican convention? Here's what to expect

RNC Site Selection Committee Recommends Cleveland for 2016

Roll Call Ohio Republicans Crusade for Cleveland Convention in 2016

NatJ The day after the midterms at a Republican media-analytics shop

WExam GOP's new turnout machine was in top gear

WSJ Leapfrogging the Democrats' Tech Advantage

WExam RNC to spend $100m to get out vote

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