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Roll Call 2016 Race Ratings

NatJ Democrats' 2016 Senate Hopes Turn on Three Candidates

Hill 10 possible Senate retirements

NatJ 7 Senate Races To Watch In 2016



January 14, 2015


WSJ Gov. Christie’s State of the State Address Touches National Themes
WaPo Christie’s State of the State speech nods to national themes
NYT Christie Highlights National Themes in State of the State Speech
NYT Christie to Announce PAC as Republicans Eye Donors
NatJ Chris Christie Makes New Moves Toward 2016 Run

Hill Walker discusses opportunity to lead US
WaPo Walker takes a dig at Christie in State of the State
WExam Walker happy to let Bush, Romney duke it out

Fox Romney phones party allies in preparation for 2016 decision, adviser calls bid ‘very likely’
Boston Globe Romney crafting a rationale for 2016 run
NYT Third Chance for Romney? G.O.P. Is Torn
WSJ Romney Recycled: Mitt would have to explain why he’d be a better candidate now
Howard Kurtz Romney’s reboot: Can the 2012 loser really fix his problems in 2016?
WSJ McCain: Romney Called Me to Discuss ’16 White House Run
Hill Romney rerun falls flat with GOP lawmakers
DC Former Mega-Donor Articulates Opposition To Mitt Romney 2016

NYT Can Jeb Bush Defy the Tea Party and Win?

WSJ Rand Paul Names Top Campaign Aide, Launches 3-State Tour
WaPo Rand Paul announces campaign manager for likely 2016 campaign
Politico Rand Paul taps Chip Englander as likely 2016 campaign manager
NatJ Rand Paul’s Tough Sell: judicial activism can be good for conservatives
Dana Milbank Cracks in the GOP foundation

WaPo Huckabee: How could the Obamas let their daughters listen to Beyonce?

WaPo Early 2016 moves by Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney spur other GOP contenders into action

WSJ White House Adviser John Podesta to Join Emerging Hillary Clinton Campaign
WaPo Hillary Clinton recruits chief strategist, media adviser for 2016 effort
Hill Clinton’s confidence in an Iowa win grows
Dick Morris Clinton’s Paris blunder

WSJ Elizabeth Warren, in the Future Tense, Says ‘No’ to 2016 White House Bid
WExam Liberal groups to hold 'Draft Warren' event in New Hampshire
NatJ The 'Draft Elizabeth Warren' Movement Is About to Get Help From New Campaign Finance Rules


WSJ Ohio Bartender Charged With Threatening to Kill John Boehner
NYT Bartender Accused of Trying to Poison Boehner’s Drinks
WCPO FBI says John Boehner's West Chester bartender planned to poison him
WaPo Ohio bartender indicted for threatening to kill John Boehner

Fox House GOP majority aiming to soften financial overhaul law
NYT In New Congress, Wall St. Pushes to Undermine Dodd-Frank Reform

WSJ Several House Committee Chairmen to Get Unilateral Subpoena Power


WSJ Senate Moves Toward Full Debate on Keystone XL Pipeline
Hill Grueling fight on Keystone pipeline to hit new Senate

WSJ Bipartisan Senate Bills Would Increase Visas and Green Cards for High-Tech Workers
NatJ How Hard Will Senate GOP Fight on Immigration?

NYT At 78, an Untamed McCain Savors a New Dream Job in the Senate


WSJ Obama Tries to Woo GOP on His Priorities

NatJ Obama Pushes Government-Run Broadband

WTimes Reince Priebus set to win historic 3rd consecutive term as RNC chair under Dem president


NYT McDonnell’s Request to Stay Free Is Refused

WaPo Morrissey, in midst of six-month jail term, wins special election to Virginia House


NYT Another Round of Appointments for Cuomo’s Second Term


WSJ Barbara Boxer’s California Senate Seat Quickly Enticing Potential Candidates
NYT One Democrat Announces While Others Ponder a Race for the Senate in California
Allysia Finley Kamala Harris vs. Tom Steyer?
NatJ The Only Way Democrats Could Lose Barbara Boxer’s Senate Seat in 2016



January 13, 2015


Newsmax Jeb Bush Honing Populist Message as He Readies 2016 Bid
Howard Kurtz Jamming Jeb: The press starts scrutinizing how conservative he really is
Michael Barone Can Jeb Bush come up with a platform for primaries, general & presidency?
Charlie Cook Bush, Clinton and the Fatigue Factor

WaPo Romney moves to reassemble campaign team for ‘almost certain’ 2016 bid
Fox Mitt’s qualms about GOP field driving potential run
Politico The selling of Mitt 3.0
Fox Romney invited to speak at Republican National Committee's winter meeting
NatJ Romney's 2012 Hill Allies Aren't Promising 2016 Support

CNN Romney vs. Bush: The unexpected match-up
Boston Globe In N.H., Romney would have home-field advantage
Boston Herald N.H. GOP bigs eye bruising Bush-Romney showdown
NYT If Mitt Romney Challenges Jeb Bush, Rand Paul Stands to Gain
DC Why Conservatives Should Cheer A Romney Candidacy (And A Christie One, Too)
Rush Limbaugh Donor Class Confused Over Report of Bush-Romney Feud

WSJ Christie Backer Ray Washburne Steps Down from RNC for Role in 2016 White House Race
NJ Chris Christie being hurt by Jeb Bush's 2016 presidential talk, Washington Post says
WSJ Christie Travels and Party Pays
NatJ Chris Christie Is Already Looking Past New Jersey
NY Post Romney & Christie make moves toward 2016 race

Hill Walker prepares 2016 bid
NYT Scott Walker Shows Promise Heading Into 2016
WSJ Scott Walker and Right to Work
WExam Scott Walker, the un-academic?

WSJ Ted Cruz Jabs Romney: No Need for ‘Mushy Middle’
NatJ Ted Cruz Just Auditioned to Be Right's Bold Leader in 2016, & Conservatives Loved It
NatJ Meet the Newer, Softer Heritage Action for America

NBC Paul Ryan Won't Run for President in 2016
Milwaukee JS Republican Paul Ryan won't run for president in 2016
WSJ Paul Ryan Drops Out of 2016 Contention
WSJ Rep. Paul Ryan Rules Out 2016 Presidential Candidacy
WaPo Paul Ryan isn’t running for president in 2016. Here’s why.


NYT Senate to Debate Keystone XL, Setting Stage for More Energy Battles

WExam Tea Partier Mike Lee joins McConnell team

Michael Gerson Washington’s parties can’t agree even on the meaning of an election


Hill Immigration fight will test Republican unity on Capitol Hill
WSJ What’s Telling About House Efforts to Roll Back Obama’s Immigration Policy
Hill Immigration looms large over GOP summit in Pennsylvania

WSJ Rep. Van Hollen, in Opening Budget Salvo, Calls for Paycheck Tax Break
WT Chris Van Hollen doubles down on liberal populism, pushes bolder wealth redistribution
Fox Dems pitch controversial plan to tax Wall Street, to pay for new middle-class credit
WExam Top House Democrat lays out $1.2 trillion progressive tax plan

Hill House quietly changes ethics rules

Stu Rothenberg Can Democrats Win the House in 2016?


NYT For Attorney General Nominee, a Career That Shied Away From Activism

WSJ The Pension Sink Is Gulping Billions in Tax Raises


WaPo New congressman Mike Bishop gets a little too excited


TBO Names emerging for 2018 governor’s race


WSJ Sen. McCaskill: ‘A Firm No’ on Running for Governor in 2016
Roll Call Claire McCaskill Won’t Run for Governor


Roll Call A Dilemma for Democrats in New York’s 11th District
Politico GOP uniting around Garner prosecutor for Grimm seat


WSJ Kamala Harris to Declare Candidacy For U.S. Senate
SacBee Kamala Harris expected to announce run for U.S. Senate
LA Times Atty. Gen. Harris to announce U.S. Senate bid
CNN Kamala Harris to announce U.S. Senate bid Tuesday
WSJ Race to Succeed Sen. Barbara Boxer Begins to Take Shape

Fox Newsom says he won't run for Senate
Roll Call Gavin Newsom Won’t Seek California Senate Seat



January 12, 2015


AP Chris Christie at Lambeau Field to cheer on Cowboys
WExam Chris Christie should let Americans in on his weight loss journey
DC Paul Ryan Trash Talks Chris Christie After Packers Defeat Cowboys
Hill Ryan to Christie: 'Do you need a hug now?'

WSJ Rand Paul Taps Veteran Adviser for Likely 2016 Campaign

NYT Santorum Criticizes Potential G.O.P. Rivals as ‘Bomb Throwers’

Hugh Hewitt Renominating Romney
Boston Globe Romney’s fight could be harder in 2016
Jen Rubin Romney, Huckabee or Walker: Who’s most important?
WaPo With Romney & Bush in the picture, GOP’s 2016 field gets tricky and more interesting

DC NYT’s David Brooks: ‘Superhighway’ For Elizabeth Warren Is ‘Wide Open’

WSJ Seven Southern States Plan Their Own Super Tuesday for 2016 Race
WSJ GOP Hopefuls’ 2016 Theme Has a New Pitch
NYT Both parties agree: Economic mobility will be a defining theme of 2016 campaign
WaPo Democrats, in a stark shift in messaging, to make big tax-break pitch for middle class


WSJ Bill to Defund Homeland Security Unlikely to Pass Senate
Politico House GOP's immigration problem: No path to 60 in Senate

NatJ Keystone Debate Will Test New Senate GOP Majority
Fox Hoeven says Senate still needs four votes to pass veto-proof Keystone legislation

WaPo A small band of moderate Democrats could be key to the GOP Senate’s success

NatJ Senate GOP Campaign Committee Targets Harry Reid

Politico Red-state Senate Dems leaving for greener pastures?


NatJ House GOP Makes an Aggressive Opening Bet on Immigration

WaPo House considers bipartisan bill to ‘rein in excessive regulatory costs’

Politico More House Dems want to limit time at the top


WSJ White House Aims to Harden Cyberattack Defense
NYT Obama to Call for Laws Covering Data Hacking and Student Privacy

NYT G.O.P. Governors Face Test in Shift on Ideological Agendas

WSJ Abortion Restrictions Pick Up Steam in GOP-Led States


WaPo It’s time for Vermont to get in on New Hampshire’s primary spoils


WaPo The Iowa straw poll has survived. So far.


Politico Running or not, Harry Reid ramps up fundraising


NYT New Cuomo Appointments Shape a Second-Term Team
Albany TU Cuomo announces slew of appointments

Fred Dicker Assembly Republican blocks coup effort against Sheldon Silver


January 11, 2015


Politico Bush and Romney: Ready to rumble?
WaPo For Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, a history of ambition fuels a possible 2016 collision
WaPo What the heck is Mitt Romney doing?
NYT For Jeb Bush, Evolving Views Over 2 Decades

Hill Christie basks in NFL limelight
Fox Christie critics add Texas-sized issue to their list, ahead of potential 2016 presidential run

Philly Inq What road can Rick Santorum's take to 2016 victory?

Hill Trump looking 'very seriously' at 2016 run

Boston Globe Iowa Rep. Steve King pulls presidential field to the hard right — and potential peril

Dan Balz A signal of distaste for dynasties bodes ill for Bush, Clinton


WSJ Bill to Defund Homeland Security Unlikely to Pass Senate

WExam Increase in federal gas tax on the table


NatJ House Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Ban Internet Taxes Forever

Politico House GOP's immigration problem: No path to 60 in Senate

Salena Zito Webster brought unwanted divisiveness


NYT Health-Law Suit Hints at G.O.P. Divide


NYT Obama to Announce Cybersecurity Plans in State of the Union Preview
WSJ Sunday Talk Preview: Terrorism


WaPo Iowa straw poll survives a party vote
WTimes Iowa Republicans vote to continue straw poll


Suddes Why Ohio Dems are having trouble pinpointing Rob Portman's likely 2016 opponent


Charlotte Observer Freshman US Sen. Thom Tillis learning his way


Sioux City Journal For Sasse, a road to Washington via a landslide victory


AP Brownback offer optimistic view at inaugural ball
Topeka CJ Budget deficit to dominate 2015 legislative session


Hill Eric Garner prosecutor picked as candidate to replace Grimm

Auburn Citizen Eye on NY: Rep. John Katko eager to lead House Homeland Security subcommittee


Philly Inq State of Christie: How his national focus might affect N.J.


WTimes Former L.A. mayor Villaraigosa considering Senate run
Politico Villaraigosa ‘seriously’ considering run for Boxer’s Senate seat


Dubuque Rauner pledges 'big turnaround'
NYT In Illinois, New Governor’s Campaign Promises Are About to Meet Budget Realities
Chicago ST Rauner's cash stash strains tone in Springfield


Towanda Gov. Corbett names head of state's open records office


Boston Globe Charlie Baker in misstep on heroin anecdote


KREM Otter takes public oath of office as Idaho governor



January 10, 2015


WSJ Romney Tells Donors He Is Considering 2016 White House Bid
WaPo Romney tells donors he is considering 2016 campaign
WaPo Romney to GOP donors: ‘I want to be president.’
Hill Romney considers another run
Chicago ST Mitt Romney tells donors he is considering another presidential run in 2016
NatJ Mitt Romney Is Thinking About Running For President in 2016
WExam Mitt Romney says he's considering 2016 run
WSJ What Romney Said in 2014 About Not Running in 2016
National Review Establishment vs. Establishment
Joan Vennochi Mitt Romney’s 2016 chances look good
WaPo The one reason Mitt Romney 2016 makes little sense
Politico Mitt Romney says he’s considering a 2016 run

WSJ New Jersey Gov. Christie Interviewed by Federal Prosecutors About Lane Closures
Fox Christie interviewed by federal investigators over bridge scandal
ESPN Gov. Chris Christie off to Lambeau
WSJ Chris Christie Pays Own Way to Green Bay to Cheer Cowboys
NYT Gov. Christie’s Cowboy Connection

BI Jeb Bush's Team Denies He's Trying To Raise $100 Million
NatJ Jeb Bush's Financial Feats of Strength
Boston Globe Jeb Bush raises funds among Boston business leaders
WaPo The genius of Jeb Bush’s transparency play (and our new rankings of the 2016 field!)
Boston Globe Unlike Mitt Romney in ’12, Jeb Bush makes transparency push

NatJ Marco Rubio: My Family Is on Board With White House Run
NatJ Marco Rubio: Jeb Bush's Money Won't Scare Me Away From White House Run

Commentary More to Scott Walker Than Battling Unions
WExam The Left's pathetic attempt to catch Scott Walker in a 'Gruber moment'

AP Book tour puts Rand Paul's 'secret' weapon on national stage

NYT Start Paying Attention: What’s Happening Now in G.O.P. Matters for 2016

NY Post Hillary ‘furious’ over Bill’s ‘part’ in latest sex scandal
WSJ Coca-Cola Marketing Exec Wendy Clark Expected to Advise Hillary Clinton

Boston Globe 200,000 sign petition urging Warren to run for president


Hill House approves Keystone XL
WTimes House approves building Keystone pipeline
WaPo GOP-controlled House votes to approve Keystone pipeline. Bill moves to Senate
WSJ Court Ruling, House Vote Pressure Obama to Act on Keystone Pipeline
NYT House Vote and Nebraska Ruling Raise Pressure on Obama Over Pipeline
WaPo Nebraska court removes a major obstacle to Keystone XL pipeline
NYT Obama Facing Rising Pressure on Keystone Oil Pipeline

Politico House Republicans file $39.7 billion DHS bill
Hill House GOP unveils $40B spending bill for Homeland Security
Fox House Republicans expand push to undo Obama immigration actions
WSJ House GOP Prepares Expansive Rollback of Obama’s Immigration Policy
NYT House G.O.P. Proposes Sweeping Reversal of Obama Immigration Steps
NYT Expansive House G.O.P. Immigration Bill Undercuts the President
WTimes DHS spending bill to ID sanctuary cities; Obama amnesty fight looms
NatJ Republicans Set Stage for Immigration Showdown
Politico House GOP's immigration push faces split with Senate

NYT Economy Up, G.O.P. Wants a Little Credit


WSJ Senate’s Big Change, GOP Control, Shows Up in Small Ways
Hill President to huddle with Senate Democrats

George Will Questions for attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch

Roll Call First Senate Race Ratings Revealed
Roll Call 2016 Race Ratings
Rothenberg 2016 Senate Overview: Republicans Start on the Defensive


Fox Justice Department joins trademark fight over Redskins name
Politico DOJ steps into Redskins trademark name fight

NYT F.B.I. and Justice Dept. Said to Seek Charges for Petraeus
WSJ Prosecutors Recommend Gen. Petraeus Face Charges Over Classified Information
WaPo Prosecutors weigh charges against David Petraeus involving classified information


WaPo After over three decades, could the Iowa straw poll be cast aside?


Allysia Finley Kansas’s Cooked-Up Budget Crisis


NYT Staten Island Prosecutor to Run for Grimm’s House Seat
Politico Eric Garner prosecutor declares for Grimm seat
Hill Garner prosecutor jumps into NY special


Roll Call Scramble Starts for Barbara Boxer’s Senate Seat
Hill Steyer edges closer to Senate run
Hill Steyer ally says California Senate run a possibility

WSJ Brown Unveils Largest-Ever California Budget Proposal
WaPo Calif. Gov. Brown’s budget holds back on social spending, angering some on the left


Chicago Trib Bruce Rauner becomes Illinois governor Monday, but honeymoon likely short
Chicago ST Quinn: Rauner's self-financing 'obliterated' spirit of campaign finance law
Craine's The Chicago execs skipping Rauner's inauguration
AP Rauner touring Illinois in advance of inauguration


WExam Pat Toomey's top Democratic challenger could get indicted


Boston Gov Baker puts freeze on state hiring, orders performance evaluations of agencies



January 9, 2015


Milwaukee JS Scott Walker hires consultant for possible presidential run
WExam Scott Walker gears up 2016 White House bid by hiring veteran GOP operative
Breitbart Scott Walker to Iowa to Speak at Freedom Summit
WaPo As Scott Walker readies for 2016, Jeb Bush should be worried
Rush Limbaugh Scott Walker Looks Like He's Going for It

Hill Christie reelection campaign subpoenaed
NJ U.S. attorney subpoenas Baroni testimony in Christie bridge scandal probe
WSJ Testimony of Ex-Port Authority Aide Sought in George Washington Bridge Probe
NYDN Chris Christie bumps up deadline for 2016 announcement to later this month: report

WTimes Jeb Bush faces same issues as brother, but radically different political environment
Fox Are Mitt and Jeb getting ready to rumble?

NatJ Rand Paul Doesn't Want to Run a 'Quixotic' Presidential Campaign

Fox Graham leaves door open to 2016 presidential run

WaPo Elizabeth Warren says the system is rigged for the rich. They vote way more than the poor.
Byron York Another peak moment for Elizabeth Warren's (non)campaign

Fox Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley says he'll decide on 2016 White House run by spring


WSJ Keystone XL Moves Closer to Congressional Approval
NYT Senate Panel Approves Keystone Pipeline Bill
NYT Experts Say That Battle on Keystone Pipeline Is Over Politics, Not Facts

NYT Congress Passes Measure To Cover Terrorism Risk

Kim Strassel Closing Down the Harry Reid Circus

WTimes Obama veto threats key to Democrats’ strategy under Republican majority


WSJ House Votes to Change Health Law’s Definition of Full-Time Worker
NYT House Fires Shot at Health Care Law, Seeking to Alter Critical Coverage Rule
WaPo House passes 40-hour workweek for Obamacare; just 12 Democrats back change
Fox House approves ObamaCare bill despite veto threat

Hill House to act first on Keystone

NYT G.O.P. Aims to Fund Homeland Security While Blocking Obama’s Immigration Plan
WExam WH: Republicans 'playing with fire' on Homeland Security funding

NYT Democrats Step Up Efforts to Block Obama’s Trade Agenda

WSJ John Boehner and the Conservative Disconnect
NatJ Amid Calls for Revenge, Boehner Stays Above the Fray

Hill Momentum builds in Congress for raising the federal gas tax
Roll Call Boehner Not Ruling Out Gas Tax Increase

Roll Call NRCC Names Senior Staff for 2016


WSJ NSA’s Rogers Calls for More Forceful Response to Cyberattacks

WSJ Obama Calls for Two Years of Free Community College for All Students
NYT Obama Plan Would Help Many Go to Community College Free
NatJ Obama Wants Free Community College. Where's the Money?

NYT Obama, in Bid to Ease Home Buying, Cuts Mortgage Insurance Rate

NYT G.O.P. Faces Push From Right to Be Bolder


NYT Federal Grand Jury to Look at Brownback Loans
Fox Federal grand jury investigating loans to Kansas Gov. Brownback's re-election campaign


SF Chron Sen. Barbara Boxer won’t run for re-election in 2016
San Jose California Sen. Barbara Boxer won't seek re-election
SacBee California Sen. Barbara Boxer, liberal champion, won’t seek re-election

WSJ California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer Won’t Seek Re-Election
NatJ Sen. Barbara Boxer Is Retiring
NYT Senator Barbara Boxer Says She Won’t Seek Re-election in 2016
WaPo Boxer exits, setting stage for epic California Senate battle
WSJ The Contenders: Who Will Run for Barbara Boxer’s Senate Seat?
WSJ California Democrats and Their (Impatient) Wait to Replace Barbara Boxer
Allysia Finley Democrat Barbara Boxer Quitting Senate
NYT Barbara Boxer and the Rise of Democratic Partisan Discipline
Fox Will Tom Steyer run for Barbara Boxer's Senate seat?
NatJ Billionaire Climate Activist Tom Steyer Weighs 2016 California Senate Run
Politico All eyes on Newsom, Harris for Boxer seat
NatJ The Most Exciting Senate Race of 2016 Starts Now
Hill California: The $1B Senate race?
Hill Condoleezza Rice won't run for Boxer seat
Hill Issa won't run for California Senate

WSJ California Gov. Jerry Brown Set to Present Budget


NYT Vermont Legislature Gives Governor a Third Term
NYT In Vermont, Election Is Held on Nov. 4, and Governor Is Chosen on Jan. 8


AJC Post-Senate plans revealed: Saxby Chambliss joins DLA Piper law firm


NBC Rauner Kicks Off Inaugural Plans With Fly Around State
Daily Herald Legislative Democrats oppose Rauner on comptroller election
Chicago Tribune Rauner's pick for comptroller not worried about possible 2016 election
Chicago Tribune What a Gov. Rauner means for Illinois
Capitol Fax Rauner appointment rollout begins this weekend


NatJ Local GOP Urging Fitzpatrick to Break His Term-Limit Pledge
Roll Call Democrat Kicks Off Race for Open Pennsylvania Seat


Boston Globe Charlie Baker’s administration is full of familiar faces
Boston Globe Republican looks beyond traditional party coalitions



January 8, 2015


WaPo Jeb Bush quickly ramps up political operation, presses for big donations
WExam Jeb Bush, heir to a government-in-waiting
WSJ How Well Will Jeb Bush Play in Iowa’s ‘Retail’ Politics?
WSJ Which Is Jeb Bush’s Group, and Which Is His Supporters’ Group?
Politico Bush is willing to release decade of tax returns, associates say
WaPo Has Jeb Bush shown Republicans a new way to talk about same-sex marriage?

Politico Gov. Chris Christie campaign reportedly subpoenaed

Hill Walker staffs up ahead of potential '16 run
WaPo Scott Walker just threw some amazing shade at Chris Christie over his Dallas Cowboy fandom

NYT In G.O.P., a Divide of Ideology and Age

NatJ GOP 2016 Hopefuls Race to Cash In on Small Online Donors

NatJ How the GOP's Pile-Up on the Right Could Clear a Lane for the Center

Hill No one’s sitting out 2016 for the Republicans

Hill Favorite emerges for Clinton campaign

WSJ Elizabeth Warren Takes Aim at Bill and Hillary Clinton
WSJ Warren Throws Four Punches at the Clintons
WT Elizabeth Warren lays out liberal agenda in campaign-style speech to union allies
Politico Warren takes swipe at Reagan, trickle-down economics


NYT On Day 2, Senate Democrats Vow Aggressive Battle Against Republican Agenda
Roll Call McConnell Doubles Down on Keystone, Says Obama Will Not Set Agenda
Roll Call McConnell: Congress Will Fund Department of Homeland Security
NYT In New Role in Senate, Democrats Grind Gears
WaPo Injured Reid missing Senate’s start, but his presence will be felt over next two years

WSJ GOP Senators Hint Obama Nominees Will Be Confirmed
Politico Grassley sets timetable for Loretta Lynch hearings

NatJ Meet the Republican Who Could Make the Senate Work

Hill Cruz, McConnell vie for influence with GOP freshmen in Senate


WSJ House Moves to Change Full-Time Work to 40 Hours in Health Law
WTimes Democrats join rebuke of White House, back 40-hour workweek for Obamacare

WSJ House GOP Push to Roll Back Wall Street Regulations Fails

WSJ House Republicans Seek Ways to Block Obama’s Immigration Action
Politico House GOP plots immigration strategy

Hill Who’s next on Boehner’s hit list?

Roll Call DCCC Kicks Off 2016 Recruitment


NYT Obama to Outline Proposals to Bolster a Lagging Housing Sector

NatJ FCC Chief Hints He'll Enact Obama's Net Neutrality Plan

Karl Rove My Fearless Political Predictions for 2015

Ann Coulter Dying for a cigarette in New York

WaPo Democratic Jewish voters inch toward the GOP


WaPo The New Hampshire State House is a total mess


Roll Call Congressman Says Wife Nixed Senate Run


Politico GOP’s Staten Island headache
Hill Will Dems nationalize race for Grimm seat?

NYT As Police Go Idle, So Do New York City Courts


Allysia Finley California’s Runaway Train


NYT Texas Abortion Clinic Rules Tested in Appeals Court


WaPo Sen. Toomey’s latest role? Senate candy dispenser


Boston Globe Charlie Baker finds financial challenges waiting



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WExam RNC to spend $100m to get out vote

WExam Going to the 2016 Republican convention? Here's what to expect

RNC Site Selection Committee Recommends Cleveland for 2016

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