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Politico 2016 Senate rankings

WaPo 10 Senate seats considered most likely to switch parties in 2016



May 7, 2015


WaPo Inside Jeb Bush’s long game: A bet on peaking late

WSJ Rubio Taps Nevada Lt. Gov. Hutchison for State Campaign

WaPo Is Folksy Showman Mike Huckabee Willing To Get Meaner?

NatJ Rand Paul Apparently Paid $100,000 for RandPaul.com

Politico Scott Walker’s rabbi

WSJ Rick Perry Faces Competition in Chase for Texas Dollars to Fund a Presidential Bid

WT Iowa hirings suggest Donald Trump serious about 2016 White House bid

Fox Santorum to make announcement on presidential run May 27

Politico Chris Christie faces another blow

NYT Hillary Clinton to Court Donors for Super PAC
NYT Hillary Clinton Embraces a ‘Super PAC,’ Trying to Erode a Republican Edge
Dan Henninger Hillary and Bill Clinton appear oblivious to the power of modern media

George Will Lincoln Chafee’s implausible campaign


WExam Trade fight brews in Senate
Politico Harry Reid’s power play rankles GOP

WSJ Republicans Reject Calls on Guantanamo Bay Closure


WSJ Jim Wright, Former House Speaker, Dies at 92
NYT Jim Wright, House Speaker Who Resigned Amid Ethics Charges, Dies at 92


Karl Rove The GOP’s Health-Care Reckoning

Ann Coulter Smart Policing: Lock Up Liberals


WExam Ron DeSantis enters in race to replace Marco Rubio
Roll Call Ron DeSantis Announces Florida Senate Bid


WSJ Michigan’s Road Kill: Voters demolish a $2 billion sales tax increase


NatJ Republicans Are Trying to Shut Down Nevada’s 2016 Caucus


NYT Cuomo Moves to Raise Wages for New York Fast-Food Workers

NYT Acrimony in Albany as Senate Republicans Stop Effort to Oust Skelos


DC California AG Aide Accused Of Operating Rogue Police Force



May 6, 2015


WSJ Mike Huckabee Launches Republican Bid for President
NYT Mike Huckabee Joins Republican Presidential Race
NYT Huckabee Vows to Protect Programs for Older Americans
WaPo Huckabee announces 2016 bid stressing humble roots, traditional values
Fox Huckabee announces 2016 White House bid, with focus on economy and security
NatJ Mike Huckabee Enters Presidential Race Wielding a Different Kind of 'Hope'
WSJ Huckabee’s Revival Campaign
Dick Morris Huck can beat Hillary

NYT Rand Paul’s Donations Show His Small-Town Appeal

WT Jeb Bush misfires with evangelicals over gay marriage supporters in inner circle

WSJ Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Sees Opening in GOP Presidential Field

WSJ Huckabee, Fiorina and Carson Won’t Be President. Here’s Their Real 2016 Role.

WSJ Hillary Clinton Backs Path to Citizenship for Illegal Immigrants
NYT A Path to Citizenship, Hillary Clinton Says, ‘Is at Its Heart a Family Issue’
Rush Limbaugh Mrs. Clinton Flip-Flops on Amnesty
WaPo Hoping to highlight good works, Clintons find controversy instead
WTimes Clinton aide’s emails face disclosure suit
WExam Boeing gave to Clinton causes after Hillary steered its Russian contract
WExam Top 10 Clinton conflicts of interest
NYT Hillary Clinton’s Appeal Survives Scrutiny, Times/CBS News Poll Says
Peter Wehner Sorry, Media, but Hillary is Incompetent

NYT Democrats Plan Six Presidential Debates, Starting This Fall


WSJ Senate Passes Budget Agreement
NYT Senate, Along Party Lines, Passes Cost-Cutting Budget Blueprint
NYT Senate Passes Cost-Cutting Budget Plan, but Calls for a New Approach Soon Follow
WaPo Senate passes budget even as impasse on spending continues
Hill Senate passes $1.1T funding bill

WSJ McConnell Puts Trade Bill on Senate Agenda

Roll Call Senate Races, Pro Salaries and Perspective on Spending

NatJ Why Senate Democrats Believe Populism Will Win Back Their Majority


NatJ Republicans Put Big-Time Medicare Overhaul On The Shelf


NYT Donovan, Staten Island Prosecutor, Wins Congressional Seat Grimm Held
Roll Call Dan Donovan Wins Special Election to Succeed Michael Grimm
NY Observer Vincent Gentile Concedes Congressional Race to Eric Garner Prosecutor Daniel Donovan


Hill Perry criticizes Texas governor for sending state guard to monitor US military


WSJ Freshman GOP Sen. Cotton Stirs Up Capitol Hill


Hill Poll: McCain ripe for primary challenge


Politico Begich's big decision: Challenge Murkowski?



May 5, 2015


WSJ WSJ/NBC Poll: Marco Rubio Most Broadly Acceptable Candidate for GOP Voters

NYT Wisconsin, Politics and Faith Bind Scott Walker and Paul Ryan

NatJ Jeb Bush's New Hampshire Calculus

WExam Huckabee will be a threat to conservative GOP field

WSJ Fiorina’s Time at H-P Gets a Close Look

Charlie Cook Chris Christie's Other Problems

WSJ Hillary Clinton to Challenge GOP on Immigration
WT Hillary Clinton rejects Bill’s immigration crackdown, vows lenient approach
WSJ Hillary Clinton Takes Hit in WSJ Poll, but Holds Edge Over GOP Rivals


NatJ James Inhofe, Tax-Reform Skeptic


Stu Rothenberg How Much Trouble Is Richard Burr in?


NYT New York Senate Leader and Son Are Arrested on Corruption Charges
NYT Dean Skelos, Albany Senate Leader, Aided Son at All Costs, U.S. Says
NYT After Skelos’s Arrest, Republicans in New York Are Left Scrambling

Roll Call Democrats Look Past Tuesday’s New York Special Election


NatJ Illinois Dems Want an African-American Candidate to Oppose Tammy Duckworth

Roll Call Darin LaHood Raises $500K in Race to Replace Aaron Schock



May 4, 2015


WSJ A Closer Look at Scott Walker’s Record on Jobs
NYT G.O.P. Hopefuls Now Aiming to Woo the Middle Class

WSJ Three New GOP Candidates to Enter 2016 Race
Fox Carson, Fiorina, Huckabee to join 2016 GOP presidential field, adding more depth, diversity

NYT Ben Carson Says He’ll Seek 2016 G.O.P. Nomination
WSJ Meet the Candidate: Ben Carson
WaPo Ben Carson announces presidential campaign
NatJ Ben Carson Is Running for President

NYT Fiorina and Huckabee Joining G.O.P. Race on Heels of Carson

Byron York In new run, can Mike Huckabee recapture 2008 momentum?

WExam Rick Perry: the unlikely wonk in the presidential race

WExam Kasich: 'Pretty good' chance he'll run for president

WSJ National Security a Top Issue for Republicans, Poll Finds

WSJ Bridge Scandal Could Challenge Chris Christie
NYT Christie’s Grip on Republican Politics in New Jersey Shows Signs of Slipping
NYT 2 With Ties to Christie Expected to Plead Not Guilty in Bridge Scandal

WSJ Of Christie and Clinton: GOP gets investigated by Justice & the FBI, but the Dem doesn’t

WaPo The Clintons, a luxury jet and their $100 million donor from Canada
WaPo For Hillary Clinton, a trust deficit to surmount

WaPo With little choice, O’Malley defends Baltimore tenure


NatJ Mike Lee's Idea Factory


Roll Call NRCC Adds 8 More Vulnerable Members to Patriot Program


NYT Justices’ Opinions Grow in Size, Accessibility and Testiness, Study Finds

WaPo Roberts at center stage as Supreme Court approaches historic decisions


WSJ Rubio’s Departure to Put Florida Senate Seat in Play


NatJ Is Russ Feingold Really Willing to Swear Off Super PAC Cash?


WSJ New York Senate in Flux as Charges Loom
Fred Dicker It’s war as DeFrancisco lobbies for Skelos’ spot

NYT Effort to Strip Pensions From Corrupt New York Officials Stalls


Roll Call Robin Kelly Met With DSCC on Possible Illinois Senate Bid


WaPo Donna Edwards and Chris Van Hollen go head-t0-head at Rockville forum



May 2-3, 2015


WSJ Chris Christie Camp Looks Beyond Bridge Scandal
NYT With Bridge Case Charges, a Cloud Descends on Christie’s White House Hopes
WSJ Ex-Ally of Gov. Chris Christie Pleads Guilty in Bridge Scandal; Two Others Charged
NYT 2 Indicted in George Washington Bridge Case; Ally of Christie Pleads Guilty
WaPo Key Christie ally pleads guilty to role in Bridgegate, two others indicted

WSJ Kasich Won’t Commit to Explaining Gay-Weddings Stance

WaPo Would-be presidential candidates like Pataki test waters with a wink

WExam Conservative media take early sides in GOP 2016 primary


WSJ Procedural Move May Scuttle Senate Vote on Iran-Bill Amendments


WaPo Almost half of Obamacare exchanges face financial struggles in the future


WSJ Criminal Charges Expected Against N.Y. State Senate Leader
NYT Dean Skelos, New York Senate Leader, and His Son Are Said to Face Arrest Next Week


May 1, 2015


Hill Jeb Bush makes case for a governor in the White House
WSJ Jeb Bush Sticks to Guns on Immigration, Common Core
WT Jeb Bush sees less enthusiasm than Mitt Romney did at same point in race
NatJ Why Jeb Bush is Talking About Income Inequality
NatJ Jeb Bush to National Review: 'I Love You,' But 'You’re Wrong on Immigration.'
WExam Jeb Bush on immigration: 'I think I'm right about this'

Politico In early horse race, Marco Rubio threatens Scott Walker

WSJ Carly Fiorina Super PAC’s Name Suits Its Mission

WaPo How Rick Perry befriended the real ‘Lone Survivor’ Navy SEAL

George Will The Two Issues That Would Bedevil Lindsey Graham’s Campaign

WaPo Koch brothers make push to court Latinos, alarming many Democrats

WSJ Roles of Presidential Super PACs Expanding

Charlie Cook Why Are So Many Republicans Running For President?

Rush Limbaugh Press Panic Over Clinton Cash


Hill House passes budget in win for GOP
WSJ House Approves Republican Budget Deal
Politico House passes final budget deal
WaPo Budget plan calls for $194 billion in unidentified cuts to federal workforce


Hill Conservative senators sandbag McConnell, jeopardizing Iran bill

Politico Mitch McConnell unplugged


NYT Patriot Act Faces Revisions Backed by Both Parties


NY Observer Giuliani Stumps for Donovan on Staten Island Ahead of Tuesday Vote


NatJ Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker, a Republican, is the Most Popular Politician in America



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WaPo Hugh Hewitt will ask questions at a GOP primary debate

Politico Hugh Hewitt to pose questions at GOP presidential debate

WExam Hugh Hewitt to avoid 'Stephanopoulos moment' in GOP 2016 debate

WaPo The remarkable California turnout curve
WaPo RNC names Katie Walsh new chief of staff

Fox Republican National Committee re-elects Chairman Priebus

Hill Priebus gets third term as RNC chairman
WSJ Republicans Release Slimmer Presidential Debate Schedule

WTimes RNC rolls out 2016 presidential debate schedule

NatJ GOP Announces 9 Presidential Debates

WExam GOP ignores most-watched Spanish-language TV network for 2016 primary debates

WaPo RNC set to issue rules to cut, regulate presidential debates

WSJ Republicans Set 2016 Convention for July 18-21

Fox GOP announces 2016 convention dates

NatJ GOP Will Hold Convention Early in 2016

Politico Calendar pols: A guide to 2015’s key dates

WExam Going to the 2016 Republican convention? Here's what to expect

RNC Site Selection Committee Recommends Cleveland for 2016

Roll Call Ohio Republicans Crusade for Cleveland Convention in 2016

NatJ The day after the midterms at a Republican media-analytics shop

WExam GOP's new turnout machine was in top gear

WSJ Leapfrogging the Democrats' Tech Advantage

WExam RNC to spend $100m to get out vote

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